Registration for Fall 2024 Incoming Freshmen will open
at 1 pm on April 22, 2024.


We know you are excited to join Pirate Nation, but you will not be able to register for classes until April 22, 2024, and once you signed up for Orientation.

The Pirate Introduction to ECU Registration, known as PIER, guides new students through the process of registering for their first semester courses at ECU. 

It can be both exciting and overwhelming to begin as a student at ECU. That’s why we created PIER course guides to help you through the process of registering for your first semester. 

To register for your first semester, there are three things you will need to do first: 

  1. Pay your enrollment deposit
  2. Sign up for Orientation
  3. Obtain your registration Personal Identification Number (PIN) through Pirate Port. 

Follow through the steps to get registered for Fall 2024!