Step 3: View Your Registration Pin

What is a Registration Pin?

A Registration Pin is your Personal Identification Number that keeps your registration secure.

What does my Registration Pin do?

Your Registration PIN allows you access to choose and register for your courses and keeps others from deleting or changing your schedule. You will not be able to register until April 22, at 1 pm.

How Do I Find my Registration Pin?

After paying your enrollment deposit and signing up for Orientation, you can view your Registration Pin in Pirateport. Once you access your pin you will have the option to e-mail it to yourself by clicking a button. You will need your pin any time you want to make schedule changes. As a reminder, you are able to adjust your schedule through August 23, at 5 pm.

This is the app/box to look for in Pirateport:

If you try to view your pin before signing up for Orientation, you will receive this message: