Step 2: Sign Up for Orientation

Sign up for summer Orientation is now open.

To sign up for orientation, students must complete Step 1 by submitting their $100 enrollment deposit. This deposit is separate from the orientation and housing fee.

Students can sign up for an orientation session online through PiratePort.

Please sign up for the session that is most convenient, but the sooner you sign up the more choices you will have. Honors students should plan to attend either Session 1 (June 10-11) or Session 6 (June 26-27). Brinkley Lane Scholars must sign up for Session 6.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail once you sign up for Orientation.

Why Do I Need to Attend Orientation?

  1. Orientation provides a smooth transition into academic and campus life.
  2. Orientation introduces you to the campus community
  3. Orientation exposes you to resources available to assist you in being a successful student
  4. You will learn more about your major
  5. You will meet in groups with an academic advisor to have your course schedule reviewed

Questions about Orientation?  Contact the Office of Student Transitions at 252-328-4173 or or visit the Orientation website.